Reference Section

As more words from the vernacular are discovered they will be added to the list.
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(is) Airconning

The process of checking if an air conditioning system is working or not in a server room.


Information or data that can be backed up on a server.


The instance that no impending buses have arrived to cause incredible damage to the servicedesk engineers.

Bus (Oncoming)

The instance when an engineer or servicedesk administrator takes a call from a particularly difficult and challenging customer. The call will likely then require a follow up call to discuss a problem or task in infinite detail, which will waste a lot of time with...


Something that has been simplified to a level that even Carole can understand.


The procedure of asking if someone would like a coffee."Are we coffeeing quick!?"


When an engineer is working on customer site in Corsham, Wiltshire.


The ability for a piece of hardware of software to be run on a desktop computer.


An element that is essential for the completing of a design outcome.


To generously over complicate an explanation to a customer, to make it sound a lot nicer than it actually is. This hopes to have the effect of reducing the level of fallout that could happen, as if the customer actually understood the situation and certain...


The ability to get to somewhere by using a form of transport.


Aspirational, but ultimately mythical place synonymous with the consumption of Alcohol, mainly Wine but colour specified.  New Location: The Pheasant Carvery, Chippenham, SN14 0AE


A piece of IT kit that can be connected to the Internet.


Email that has been checked using the Mimecast spam filtering system.


An instance where the ServiceDesk is not in a Priority 1 (P1) situation and all systems and customers are running smoothly.


Checked with the 2nd Line engineer (Mr Radley), before allowing for something to be done on a customer system.


To create a PDF file from a document on screen.


(Refer to Coffeeing) The purpose of refilling your coffee, before returning to work.


The ability to change the PIN (Personal Identification Number) on a device or system from its current one, to a new one.


The ability to get something back that has been deleted.


Software or processes that can be stored on a server platform.


Anything pertaining to work on a customer server.


During a game of Snooker, where one player plays a shot that forces the opposing player into an impossible shot (a snooker)


Using a soft phone on a computer to make a call instead of a desk phone.


(in surveying) The plotting and calculation between four objects/point of reference. (Psychology) A conversation happening between two people, but two further people are brought in by the 2nd party for no real reason, then confuse the matter further.


Similar to Swapoverable Relates to the continuity of services in the event of an outage.


The ability of remote controlling a PC with the Teamviewer application.

(out) Testing The Air

Covert way of advising someone is having a cigarette outside. SYNONYM Checking on security


Persons and equipment transported/rescued by Tractor.


When a warning triangle appears on the screen, alerting you to do something.


The de-tangling and re-patching of poorly managed network cabling in a comms rack.

(not) VPN’ing

[Vee-pee-enn-ing]Verb The process of connecting to the office by VPN (Virtual Private Network) Example: You can access this files by VPN'ing into the office. I can't access the office, it's not VPN'ing properly.

(not) Wi-Fi’ing

When the wireless network at site is not working correctly and needs intervention.