I do a lot of browsing around the web and have found loads of sites, that publish recipes that are Slimming World friendly. For a very long time I have been saving the web links in my bookmarks and had to put this site together, as my bookmark file became far too big to store them all!

Please use the links above to browse through the recipes, I am trying to add new ones as often as possible, so please come back regularly!

When I catergorised the recipes for a mealtime, I could see them being used for lunch and for dinner, so you may see them in both places.

I am going to put up some of my own recipes as I come up with them.  I will mark the recipe as original if it was created by me or my fiance Lex, who is also on Slimming World. He spends more time in the kitchen than me and has ome up with some nice recipes so far!

If you find a recipe you like, please make sure you thank the creator of it.

I would like to send personal thanks to all the sites I have visited, who created the recipes in the first place!